Rosacea Reduction

Rosacea Reduction

Rosacea is a skin condition that often causes the skin to look flush and bumpy. Pain and itchiness can also occur if the condition is left untreated. Fortunately, Fair Aesthetics offers treatment that has been proven to be effective for rosacea reduction.

We treat this skin problem using Venus Versa™ technology to eliminate the visible redness and bumpiness on the skin. This technology is designed to make skin look new again by eliminating the problematic areas in the safest way possible.


Is this procedure safe for my skin? 
Our technology is designed to be extremely safe to the patient, and we administer treatment in a way that exceeds industry standards. If you are feeling uncomfortable during any part of your treatment, we ask that you let us know immediately so that we can make the appropriate corrections.
Is this treatment good for different skin types?
The treatment works well on lighter and darker skin tones.
How many treatment sessions are needed?
After three to four treatments, you should experience terrific results.

How much time should be spaced in between each treatment?
Treatments should be spaced four weeks apart from one another.


  • Skin can look clearer and healthier again
  • No surgery is required
  • Recovery time is minimal

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Discover Rosacea Reduction

If you suffer from this skin condition, you will be doing yourself a favor by coming to Fair Aesthetics for rosacea reduction . Your satisfaction means everything to us, and we will work hard to give you the results that surpass your expectations. To schedule an appointment or request more detailed information, please contact us today. 

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